23 Things I’m Grateful For!

I know. Poor sentence structure. My middle school grammar teacher will be rolling in her grave. It should read: 23 Things for Which I’m Grateful. Doesn’t have the same panache.

Why 23? My youngest (of two) turns 23 tomorrow and I find myself considering all my good fortune since my girls came into my life!

I will challenge you to consider your own age and make your own list. I found myself happier and smiling when I finished this one. And Share please. There can’t be enough gratitude and love in the world.

  1. My daughters. I have two and they are the most beautiful, amazing pieces of humanity that I know. They struggle, they are growing, they areavocado loving and real. My heart is full.
  2. My family. Good days and bad, they’ve got my back. How can you not love that?!?!?
  3. Avocados. Ok, I get that the list went from high thoughts to my stomach really quickly, but I have only recently rediscovered avocados after years of staying away from “FAT” and I LOVE THEM. Healthy fats. Totally decadent and wonderful.
  4. My dog. Allie. Super loving, always happy, forgets her shaming in seconds. Lives in the moment and encourages me to do so as well. I am also living the ‘empty nest’ change, so she also provides a wonderful conversational partner. And she agrees with me most of the time, so there’s that. img_0036
  5. Technology. I have friends around the world that I can talk to regularly, face to face, and keep that strong connection. When I visit them, or they me, it is like falling back into our lives again. WeChat, Facetime – I love you! I’m grateful not only for the technology, but the smart people who developed it. Thank you.
  6. My city. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in one of the most beautiful cities. Although we get cold here (side benefits statement to follow, see 7.), we are less than an hour from the Rockies, which means I see them from my front door. There is a ton of green space and cycling lanes here. The people are fabulously entrepreneurial and still small enough for friendly. I heart my city.14583495_1777221029195308_3161745595199127552_n_002
  7. No bugs due to the cold. Thanks winter.
  8. Christmas lights. They just warm my heart although I do wonder about the inflatable figures. They look a little creepy in the daytime when they are not inflated.
  9. My hot tub. Seriously, I bought it last year and I am living in it. I particularly love it in the winter when it’s snowing and I have a glass of wine in my hand. Sigh, life is good.
  10. Keto OS. I made a change to my low carb life to a ketogenic style earlier thieatfats year, adding a bunch of healthy fats, and Keto OS (an exogenous ketone supplement) helps with the eating and appetite! (If you want info, take a look and send me a note! Let me hook you up with some sample so you can experience the best feeling ever! (mybestlifenow.experienceketo.com)
  11. My body. This is a big one for me. I have struggled all of my adult life with my weight and it’s left some indelible marks on me. I finally seem to be figuring it out! And it’s not really to do with the weight loss but more to do with acceptance. Thank you, Higher Power.
  12. My cast iron fry pans. Ever sear a steak in one of those and pop it in the oven to finish with some compound butter? Heaven, right there in my kitchen.
  13. Body art. Some people love it, some hate it. I feel happy every time I see the work on my body, paimg_2781rticularly my shoulders.
  14. Heated floors. I have tile floors in my bathroom and every morning when I walk in on them and they are heated, I smile. It’s a little thing but OMG.
  15. My healthy muscles. I started working out for the first time ever on my muscles about five years ago and I love them! I was built to be strong and powerful and I have learned to harness that power in lifting and powerlifting. Strong is the new Skinny! Now when I say jeans are tight, I mean in the legs because I’m all muscle, baby!
  16. My sense of humor. Like all of you, I have gone through some pretty rough spots. Humor has been a key to getting through it, I think. Maybe also Pragmatism.
  17. My women friends. Men too, but my circle holds a lot of women. And they are strong, powerful, opinionated, loving, nurturing, real. When I need a dose of love and a course correction, I know just where to go.
  18. Wine. Totally a serious addiction. Not in an alcoholic kind of way, although I do check myself regularly! I love wine so much that I went to school to learn more, I worked in the field just for learning, share it with my friends, travel for it. Became a sommelier, do the occasional led wine tasting, love to share it.
  19. Fat. After years of waging war on my brain and body with low fat food, I finally gave in and am a HFA (Healthy Fat Addict). What I discovered was that, along with fat loss which was really the original goal, the other benefits quickly superseded it! Brain health, no inflammation in my joints, hormone balancing, menopause symptom elimination. I tell my girls I have 20 year old knees again and for a women who had to walk sideways down the stairs in the morning and can now trot down the stairs…sort of a BIG DEAL!
  20. Spirituality. I will start right off with the fact that I don’t believe in religion and am really more agnostic. But, as I get older, I am more in touch with my belief that there is a Higher Power out there, in whatever shape or form it might be, that loves and supports me. It might just be the energy of all of our love. But I am grateful for it.
  21. Really good shoes. Particularly from London, England.fullsizeoutput_5ce
  22. Travel. Anywhere. Anytime. In the last 10 years, I’ve been everywhere anyone would ever ask me to go and lots of others on my own. Travel expands your horizons. Makes you understand that people are all really the same. We want love and safety. We are all scared for our children. We want peace and good food.
  23. In honor of my daughter who is 23 tomorrow, my last one is Love. I am grateful everyday for the love of my girls, my family, my friends, my community. And I am grateful for my capacity to give love. Happy Birthday sweetheart and thank you.hearts-love-31153538-1440-900

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