Bigger Pie+(Abundance-Scarcity)=Joy

The last few days I have been thinking about things in my life that have caused me to receive and to enjoy my life, as you might have seen in a recent blog post (23 Things I’m Grateful For!). Today I want to tell you about a mentor and how he told me something early in my executive career that changed how I thought about achieving success.

And, of course, Pie will enter into it. Because it is Christmas 🎄after all.

My mentor was (and is) a CEO in energy companies. We had worked together for almost 20 years in various firms and startups. He is a super smart and successful man and is always looking for potentialthinker in projects, people and situations. In my first executive role with him, he mobilized the team by talking about The Bigger Pie.

The Bigger Pie is his theory that people are held to the limits of their own minds by believing that there are only so many resources/money/opportunities/loves in the world and in order to achieve, you must grab your own piece of the pie and guard it zealously (Scarcity theory). But what, he proposed, would happen if we just MADE THE PIE BIGGER (Abundance)?

But how do you make the Pie bigger? You make the Pie bigger by believing in your heart that there is more than enough to go around and by sharing, looking for opportunities to make others better and their slice bigger. So, in real life for us in the team, that looked like revisiting projects and opportunities to see how we AND our partners, providers, potential teammates could benefit from the projects. The question “How can we create wealth, opportunity, success for others that also involves us?” was the one that hovered in our minds at all times. people-jumping

Now, he didn’t just espouse this idea – he walked it, talked it, lived it.  And I will tell you. We created huge success for ourselves and for those we worked with. And it impacted my life forever.

It isn’t always easy, looking for the Bigger Pie, believing that there are more than enough resources in the world, that sharing is always the better answer. You come up against forces that desperately believe in holding onto the Pie as tightly as possible.

But, when you use the formula:

Bigger Pie (the idea that we can create opportunity)


Abundance (all the opportunity you can imagine)

Scarcity (perceived and imagined limits)


Joy (success, happiness, health, wealth for all)

You can create your own world and benefit all those around you.

Merry Christmas and I wish you a Bigger Pie for 2017.




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