A New Year!

Full of promise, the year 2017 beckons me! A lot of the people I talk with are ready to be done with 2016, a tough year for many. Was 2016 a tough year for you? Why? Was it your health? Your family? The world and news inundating us daily?14583495_1777221029195308_3161745595199127552_n_002

I live in Calgary, Alberta. A city that has been hit pretty hard by the economy, oil prices, our own government, our federal government and world economies. I have participated in events aimed at helping people re-imagine their careers because there are no ‘jobs’ here in the fields in which they were professionals. The last one was for 400+ geoscience and engineering professionals.  Homeless and jobless numbers are higher than we have ever seen them. For a “Have” province, this has been a tough year indeed.

Personally, this has been a challenging year as well. I am still working on a body that, on img_0036days, doesn’t cooperate with me. I am trying to help my children become adults and at the same time, standing back to let them fly. They are smart and capable women, I know, but the Mother in me detests not helping. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do once they have moved on to their lives and the dog, while smart and sympathetic, has no reasonable suggestions. Thanks, Allie.  I have allergies that are unidentifiable and have my body in hives regularly and the not knowing is super annoying! And for a good part of the year, I have been purposeless and I cannot abide that.

However, I also see a lot of the work for the success and promise of 2017 completed in 2016.

Calgary, I cannot think of any other city that has the entrepreneurial spirit that youcalgaryskyline hold. Starting and running businesses is what we do, with creativity and ingenuity, and we do it well. Never long held down, this city and its people are rising already. But we needed the pain of 2016 to get there.

We are also a giving city. Even though the year has been tough on a lot of people, we are still giving and supporting others in record numbers. You impress the heck out of me, Calgary!

For me, I can see lots of personal growth being born out of 2016. I can see my daughters getting closer all the time to what they were meant to become – strong, powerful, capable, creative, amazing women. I’m so proud of them.alcott_theemergingwoman

I have found my purpose in 2016 – to help people become healthy and strong and live a long life – and it is guiding my goals for work. It is different and yet, the same, as my purpose in all of my life. In my former life, I was in human resources, a leader, a coach, an executive guiding the culture of the company, a teacher. When I became a sommelier, it was all about sharing the stories of the wine and wineries, teaching and growing.

And here I am, embarking on another career that has the same base meaning. To share, to teach, to help. I love it. And I will help others start their own businesses in 2017. Super exciting!

My body is getting closer all the time to where I want it to be and my health (aside from those pesky allergies which I WILL figure out!) has never been better. No more inflammation, no more food cravings, better emotional balance, more energy, less fat!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStrength is born of pain and frustration. We are strong, Calgary. And I am strong. I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings us! I’m ready and I know you are too.

Cheers to 2017!


(see all about my new career here! You can msg me for info on how to become successfully self employed here.)



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