Keto Learning from Dallas!

I have the good fortune to be connected with a company that supports my health goals.  We met in Dallas recently to hear ketogenic study leaders and thought provoking medical study results from people like Dr. Dom D’Agistino, Dr. Mary Newman, Dr. Heather Cardin, Ryan Lowrey and Dr. Jacob Wilson. Also there were people with amazing stories of life changing events. We are living in an exciting time to see the changes to the health of the people around us.


If you’re like me, you soak up the learning and read as much as you can about this break though lifestyle. When you realize that obesity rates are tied to government supported food guidelines…well, it’s time to stop the bus and think for ourselves! If we are feeding people the same diet that we feed cattle and chicken to fatten them, namely grains, corn and sucrose, doesn’t it make sense that we get fat too?

There is strong evidence, however, that Ketogenic lifestyles support a healthy metabolism, fight certain diseases, resolve epilepsy in children, improve brain function, and on and on. From a personal anecdotal perspective, I can tell you that my inflammation is gone, my weight drops, my skin is clear and the arthritis in my knees doesn’t bother me when I am eating ketogenically and comes back almost immediately upon the resumption of big doses of glucose, or the way I used to eat.  So, why don’t we eat this way all the time?


SUGAR IS ADDICTIVE. Yup, the stuff that has been engineered to amplify a taste stronger than natural sugar grabs our brains and creates an addiction and dependence on the next hit. A 2008 study out of Princeton University found that  “….rats eating large amounts of sugar when hungry, a phenomenon he describes as sugar-bingeing, undergo neurochemical changes in the brain that appear to mimic those produced by substances of abuse, including cocaine, morphine and nicotine. Sugar induces behavioral changes, too. “In certain models, sugar-bingeing causes long-lasting effects in the brain and increases the inclination to take other drugs of abuse, such as alcohol,” (Here is the full report: Skittles and Cocaine. Mmmmm. sugar

WE LIVE IN A HIGH CARB/GLUCOSE WORLD. Processed food is a daily reality for almost all of us. The processed food industry is powerful and profit focused. Their lines sometimes blur, I suspect, between wanting to provide easy sources of on the go food and simply replacing the need for real food altogether. Dr. Mercola, along with many others, purports that the industry has engineered the food to nurture addiction and desire. (

And even if it is not processed foods, who of us here has a social life that takes us into fine dining and wine, some of the things that make us happy. Or maybe that’s just me…. PS: If you haven’t had any of the Misconduct Winery Pinot Noir, you’re missing out!!

WE DON’T UNDERSTAND KETOGENIC EATING. If you go on the internet and look up “ketogenic diet” you will be hit with about a million pictures of bacon. If you believed what bacon-avocado-friesyou saw, you would think that bacon and avocado ‘fries’ were they way you eat ketogenically.  Sure, they are delish and sure, you can eat them. But, a ketogenic approach is a lifestyle approach. So the same way you wouldn’t eat Lucky Charms all day, every day, you don’t eat bacon. Think about it this way: 60-70% of your eating will be healthy fats, 20-25% protein, 5-10% carbs (mostly in the form of vegetables). Real food. Real people. Real lives.

THIS IS A DRAMATIC CHANGE IN THINKING. The food guides we’ve grown up with have told us NO FAT! This is a dramatic change from your ‘cereal for breakfast, then a muffin at snack break, a sandwich for lunch, a protein bar for snack, pasta for dinner’ carbfest. See my previous post: Eat more fat?!?!

There are ways you can make it a little easier.

I can help you with that. A little magic powder to keep you on track. And no, it’s not skittles and cocaine. Message me for info!

Much love, and yours in keto,





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