Spring forward or Fall back?

Are you a winter/summer person or a spring/fall person?  Does the thought of melting snow make you sad or does it make you perk up in anticipation of the green season starting?

Absolutely my favorite season is Fall, followed by Spring. Then Summer and finally, Winter. Here is why:


  • There is a sense of crispness in Fall – a refreshing of the year and a need to refocus on goals.cozysweater
  • Fall is the best season for sweaters and layering and coziness. Not like Winter, where you cannot unwrap and need to dress in multiple heavy layers.
  • The colors that are amazing and remind me that life is urgent and beautiful.
  • Red wine is back in.


  • Anticipation. I am oh-so-tired of Winter by the time Spring shows its tender shoots of grass. I get giddy just thinking about it.
  • Rose wines are ready to drink for spring and summer, crisp Whites, saucy little Pinot Noirs. I have been known to sit on my front step, where the sun shines in the afternoon, early in the spring when it is still too cool to think about short sleeves and enjoy a glass, tilting my face into the sun. Sure the neighbors watch, but whatever.
  • Green instead of Brown. If you live in Calgary, brown is the color of our Winter. Not beautiful white, but because of the chinook winds melting the snow regularly, we have a lot of brown grass showing.
  • I get to get my road bike back on the road where it belongs vs my basement on the trainer!!mybestlifenow-mybestlifenowblog-wordpress-com


  • I will tell you quite honestly, no one appreciates the heck out of summer like a Calgarian. It is super short here so we go a little crazy. We have a ton of people outside being active all summer. From the City of Calgary website: “In fact, Calgary has the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America. The City of Calgary maintains approximately 580 km of regional pathways, 220 km of local pathways and 95 km of trails.” BAM!
  • Barbeque steaks and big passionate Red wines… Nuff said.
  • Fresh vegetables and active farmers markets.
  • Due to our proximity to the mountains, we have hot days and cool nights. Perfect.


  • Getting away to Mexico. Seriously, that’s my favorite thing about winter.
  • Having the fireplace on while watching big snowflakes come dowwintermountains-skihills-kickinghorsen outside.
  • For others, we are so close to the mountains that the possibilities for snowshoeing/skiing/boarding/hiking are endless.
  • Mexico. Did I mention that?

So, tell me. What’s your season and reason?

Please share/comment/follow/like. But comment for sure!! Much love for the weekend 🙂



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