My favorite 5 Keto Bloggers!

First of all, ME! (see cheesy selfie). No, seriously, Follow Me. Little link, shows below on the right hand side. I’m just learning this and want to get better.  So, comments, followers and sharing. Thanks for your support.

Now, for real, here are my favorites: Us

Craig is an awesome writer with really clear-written in English-follow me instructions. New thinking appears regularly with his take on it. Love him. Keto

Lots and lots of recipes show up here as well as his link to an awesome Instagram account! My only complaint about this site is that I have no idea who this person is! But I love their pics and food blog.

Leanne is a mix between paleo/keto/healthy vegs. I love that she is somewhat non denominational, although leans heavily towards keto. But, she questions everything. Way to go! She has a wonderful podcast too!   Also, I have been watching her blog for some time and she has grown amazingly! She has learned how to monetize her blog, she is a wonderful example of entrepreneurship, and promotes some awesome companies!

Vivica, a nutritionist and blogger, brings another solid questioning approach to the keto conversation. Super helpful, lots of recipes, plus she looks a little bit like a mischievous elf. You could totally imagine partying with this girl.

For those of us who are gluten free or celiac, keto does not necessarily mean that we can approach food with abandon.  I like this site for the gluten free content and theAll Day I Dream About Food paleo approach. I would suggest, however, that there is not enough fat for some keto people, so you may have to fiddle with the recipes a bit. But it is a great starting place!!

I love that resources are right there, just waiting for us to make better health choices.

For more information on how to get going on Keto, or just to enjoy the benefits of keto (cheat hack!), comment below or shoot me a note.

Cheers to the bloggers!!





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