Why am I Taking a 6 Month Alcohol Break?

First of all, I will preface this discussion with the fact that I am NOT an alcoholic (or don’t believe so, anyway!) and that I AM a total Wino.  I am such a wine lover, in fact, that the first thing I did when I stopped working my corporate job was to take my WSET


(Wine School) classes and certification, followed by jobs in the wine industry (winery, wine store, home tastings). I love everything about it from the pairings to the process to the crowd, not to mention the wineries! And, I don’t mean “love” like a best friend…oh, no…I mean it like True Love.

So, that’s my deal. I think you get what I mean.

Ready? Number one reason….

  1. It is getting in my way of some body goals. I have been working for the last five years to lose the excess weight I carry. I started the journey because I was so obese that life was difficult and tiring. After I lost over 140 lbs and added muscle, I stalled. I have managed to kick start things again and I’m learning something new every day, Changesketosis is my friend along with Keto OS* but I am at the point where my body has become super smart and doesn’t want us to lose anymore! So, for 6 months, I will lose the liquor and lets see if we can’t fool it again.
  2. It is becoming too much of a habit. I have become an empty nester (or I am most of the time) and am single. So, aside from the dog, there is no one to share a bottle of wine with. And, when I open up a bottle for a glass with dinner, it suddenly becomes a sip fest until I go to bed. Surprisingly most of the wine is gone by bedtime. While this is not concerning occasionally, it is happening more often than I will admit to here :). Time to break that habit before it becomes too ingrained.
  3. I don’t like the choices I make when I have even a glass of wine. I have talked to others about this – it’s not just me! Even one glass of wine is enough to break my willpower and inhiromance the fridgebitions. An evening can go like this: “I’ll just have a glass of wine with dinner.” Later: “That was tasty, maybe another glass while I’m watching this movie.” Sometime that evening: “A snack sounds good…”. And finally: “mmmmmhhmrmalsdlkdfjlksemf” (me snarfing down the fridge).
  4. I’m getting old enough that I am starting to consider the longevity of my liver. And my skin. I plan on living long and well. Not going to happen if I break all my organs. Plus, I’m a little vain when it comes to skin and wrinkles and age….I would rather look 45 – for me, not anyone else. But the next grocery clerk that calls me ma’am…
  5. I like feeling vibrant and ready for my long bike rides/heavy lifting/general lifestyle things. The older I’m getting, the more active I seem to become. When I was younger, stress, executive roles, children and life did not support a balanced, well lived life. But now that I have more time and resources on hand as well as a healthy body, I can indulge. It seems that I am constantly finding new things to enjoy. Weightlifting, road biking, long distance cycling, yoga…I am curious about a lot and I have the friends who pull me into things. Gratitude❤

And, now, the challenges. Or, why I am aiming for six months instead of 1 month or forever.

  1. I am a social animal. I have a wonderful circle of friends and associates that I enjoy over dinner, drinks, holidays. Almost all of those situations involve wine. So, in the past when I have abstained for a month, my social calendar was dramatically affected. I don’t want to do this, but want to learn new ways to interact with my peeps that I can support after my six months. Six months seemed to be a long enough period to instill some habits/changes.
  2. I am a total hedonist. From WikiDictionary: “He.don.ism: Pursuit of or IMG_1770devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.”There is nothing about wine and food that I don’t love. I don’t even mind doing the dishes. And when you put them together? Magic happens. I enhance the pleasure by setting my table with flowers and beautiful goblets, arrange the food so that it is its most attractive and then pair with the perfect wine. I do it for guests (orgasmic) but I do it for me alone as well. Sigh.
  3. I love wine. My wine cellar is eclectic and fun. I have friends who live for wine in the industry and I love them! In the year that I worked in a winery in Osoyoos, BC, I must have taken 4000 pictures of the grapes in various stages of ripening. Seriously. Even the six months is a little bit based on wine. See, the season will just be wrapping 2014-08-12 12.00.04up when my self imposed exile is over. So I can still make a little trek down to BC and Oregon to beef up the cellar!
  4. Sometimes, I want to be bad. Yup, I have a rebellious streak. And, not to suggest that I am virtuous, but this really is my only BAD habit. Well, I also talk in theatres when I’m not supposed to but I’ve learned to do that really quietly. I might also have a shoe fetish. I really like merino wool.  And good hotels. And traveling. Also concerts.  Okay, okay….maybe more than one habit that is indulgent, but only one that will shrink my liver.

Have you ever thought about giving up booze for a while? Tell me about it! What worked, what didn’t and why you stopped/started again! I’ll check back with you in a couple months to see how my little experiment is going.

Much love peeps!


*Keto OS: Need more energy, focus, fat loss, self control? Look at this! mybestlifenow.pruvitnow.com


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  1. Kari says:

    You inspire me!


    1. ☺️ thank you, that means a lot!


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