That was a surprise…

As many of you know, I have embarked on a journey of exploration over the last six years. What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? How can I express myself in the world? Differentiate? Add value? Support myself?

what am i
I love this picture! Photo cred to

Along with these questions, I have asked “How can I get to a a healthy weight? How can I have a healthy body?”  So, one of the things I’ve done was to take in education around nutrition, as well as take in physical training, learning to cycle, box, lift.  In doing so, I also became connected with a ketone supplement company that supports health the way I envision health.

In the learning and educating myself, can do for me, I enlisted others as well. There’s no learning like group learning! I also started nutrition group sessions so I could hone my coaching skills there as well.

Ok, Melanie. That’s somewhat interesting. But you promised us a Surprise. Not selling us your supplement.

Wow, you are super impatient! And a little cynical. But here you go.  And there is more than one surprise!

Surprise #1:  I did a lot of angst-ing, but as soon as I stopped focusing on Me, I started to find the answers I was seeking! When I changed the question from “What will I be?” to “How can I improve peoples lives? How can I give back?” is when I started to hear the whispers and then the shouts of where I needed to go. And the Universe has been unfolding wonderfully and almost faster than I can keep up.❤️

Surprise #2: It turns out I get huge joy from helping others and seeing them succeed. Those people that I enlisted to join me started seeing more success than I had even imagined possible. Not only have those four women lost over 140lbs in total over less than four months (wow!), they have allswagger gained confidence and not a small amount of smart assed cockiness! (Small note to all the Haters: No, Skinny is not the goal. Healthy is the goal. Also, self confidence!)

That made me happier than any Job I ever had and than any paycheck I ever received. So much so, that I am starting another group, but that’s a different post.

Surprise #3: I can be/do more than one thing at a time and be successful at it. Plus, by doing more than one thing/career/type of role, I am feeding my soul and meeting all of my needs. And, I am also much better at being a little selfish and scheduling others’ job needs around my own needs as well, instead of my previous approach of taking on way more responsibility for others’ happiness than was healthy.  multitasking-woman

My daughters comment on my happiness regularly. I think that is an awesome role model trait, along with the need to work hard at whatever you do. Whatever we think, our people are watching and they get something out of our joy as well. Lesson or laughter, both are good.

Surprise #4: I have not ‘arrived’. Somehow, I thought I would, but nope….the need to balloon girl floatingcheck in with myself and course correct will always be there. It’s funny, Balance is a fleeting thing. It occurs often enough to help me want more of it and to remind me of the value of it, but it is like a balloon string touching the ground briefly, only to scatter and fly once more, leaving me chasing it.

But now I chase it laughing and reveling in the joy of the chase.





If you are interested in how the group lost weight and gained sass, or are interested in participating in one of the next groups, shoot me a note and let’s connect. And thank you for bringing me Joy. 



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