Eating, Keto and the Journey.

trainAs you know if you have been following my blog (and if you haven’t, start!!) or seen me on Facebook/Instagram, I have had a long ride on the weight loss train and have disembarked successfully.  OK, I still have some rough edges to work out but I’m getting there. If I was on a train, I would be pretty near the caboose.

The picture on the post is me, 5 years ago and a month ago. More work to be done, but happy with where I’m going!  The eating part of the trip has been interesting and I learn something new all the time.  It has looked like this:

road to loss

As you can see, it has not been a straight line journey! In the beginning, when I weighed close to 300lbs, I started with dropping junk as a daily meal and switching over to choosing organic and grass-fed food. As that settled in, I also picked up some portion control. Following that, I added a more Paleo approach to eating, and most recently, improved on that to go full on Ketogenic. It is a BUILDING approach rather than a ‘that didn’t work, what’s next’ approach.  I am learning about food, my body and how it responds with every tweak. I have been playing with fasting as a method of calorie cycling and will continue to tweak that.

dietingI love a keto lifestyle as a tweak to paleo for a couple of reasons:

  • All the way up until I was keto, I was still Dieting. And as you are aware, Dieting is not a sustainable method of eating, not a healthy relationship with food. If you’re Dieting, there is always a Not Dieting/Binge cycle to follow. Why not skip that and just get to the good stuff? My relationship with food needed to change in order to have this success continue for the rest of my life, just like my relationship with the gym needed to change. Just like my relationship with the mirror needed to change.
  • I am a 50-something woman with hormones and a damaged metabolic system from years of Dieting. My brain needs fat to heal and to help regulate my hormones. menopause1Keto is built for women, although men have hormones as well. But we women are awash with them! PMS, pregnancies, babies, menopause…the ride never stops. HEALTHY FAT is NECESSARY and we have been denying our brains this wonderful food.
  • In order to stop Dieting, you have to get familiar and on speaking terms with your hunger signals again. Meaning that you have to stop portion control and start hunger satiety recognition. Fat is a wonderful food for satiety and stops the food cravings with far less food!

Don’t get me wrong. It’love-to-eat-2s not, and I am not, perfect.  I need to do some work on making sure that I am getting enough phytonutrients with the limitations on familiar vegetables and fruits – I need to experiment. I bonked a couple of weeks ago on my road bike because I made the ill advised choice to do a 60km ride after five days of fasting and only one meal. Duh.

But, this style of eating speaks to me. It helps me with the points above but it also allows me to maintain a bit of a hedonistic lifestyle. I want to live long and well, but not at the expense of my sense of taste and joy in the food that I eat.

And, finally, I am a little bit of a conspiracy theorist. Not the kind that lurks in the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshadows waiting to reveal the graft, not the kind that marches on city hall (although I did once on Monsanto) and definitely not the kind that denies myself something delicious. I’m just not built like that.  But, I am the kind of conspiracy gal that wonders what I am not seeing. That can make the tie between the rise of glucose based diets and obesity. That understands how big money and politics can cause well-meaning people to make bad decisions. (See my post about how the food pyramid came to exist!)

So, I pay attention to how the food makes me feel. I read a lot. I talk to the farmers market people and to my butcher. I take regular blood markers and I get my teeth checked. I train and pay attention to how my body responds. I share with others and learn from their journey. And because giving up or going backwards is not an option…I tweak.


What has YOUR journey looked like? What have you learned that you will share? We are a community, my lovely people, let’s be one! If you would like to talk to me to hear more about the journey, have some help on your own, or just want to share a glass of wine…I’m always in.




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