Fake or F’Real??

My spam filter is FULL of miraculous cures. Hair loss, weight loss, menopause relief, sleep deprivation relief. Too ugly? Too tall? Too short? Too round? Too old? Too tired? Too sleep deprived? There’s a cure for that. Usually around $19.95 for three easy payments.

And don’t get me started on Dr. Oz, Oprah and the Sell You Network and their weekly/daily claims of the New Miracle 5 Minute Cure!miraclecure

We know there is no miracle cure for the common ailments, don’t we?! We are too smart to be taken in by these charlatans! Sadly, even when we know, we buy. In the hopes that this will be the ‘pill’ that fixes. I have had cupboards full of The Cure. Hope springs eternal for all of us – there is a reason the Sell You Network is so popular.

That answer is far easier than the real one, the one we all eventually hear hopefully. Here’s my tips and the real answer on avoiding the Fakes and aligning yourself, your true self, with things that can help you along your journey.

  • There is no quick fix. Even when using a great product that helps our condition, most changenatural products will take time and patience to try. Ever buy something, try it for a week and give up? Yup, me too.  I had been suffering from allergy problems and it wasn’t until about four months of gluten free status that I started to notice the hives appear less often, and now almost never.  The gut takes time to heal. Before that, I tried pills (prednisone anyone?), creams (topical steroids), etc., but it wasn’t until I stopped trying to quick fix and settled into the real fix that it changed.
  • Weight loss in particular, a multi billion dollar industry, takes a longer term, multi pronged strategy for longer term success. Taking a ton of weight off isn’t easy, but putting it back on is!  Your weight loss strategy MUST include:
    • An eating strategy that allows you to enjoy food still! Starvation and deprivation might get you to the loss part, but it certainly will not sustain you after. That can be different for many people. For me, a ketogenic/paleo style of eating is my best strategy. But if you are a person who loves grains and fruit, that strategy probably won’t work best for you. Pick somethingryanatthegym that feels like a little bit of cheating 🙂
    • A moving strategy. Walking, bike riding, the gym, lifting, becoming a rodeo clown…anything that causes you to move and be physical, that you enjoy and look forward to. It is a thrill for me still to see how much weight I can lift, to spend a day with friends riding in the wind on the highways on my bicycle or run with my dog. BF (before Fat), I would spend most of my time avoiding those things. Find something you love. Do it regularly! Doesn’t have to be extreme. Walk the dog.
    • Nutrition and, if you choose, supplements that help you HEAL your metabolism and support you in your journey. Why would you fight your body on this? Help your body be it’s best and it will help you enjoy your journey.
    • A mental game plan. I don’t know about you, but food and I ride an emotional roller-coaster together. Even now, when I’m smarter about this, a bad day/week itsamarathonnotasprint1can send me rocking to Safeway for chips and dill pickle dip. (It’s my emotion food). And wine. (Did you know that a nice crisp rose goes beautifully with dill pickle dip?)  My game plan includes a cut off (no more than a night or no more than two pounds or some other measure!) and extra work at the gym/on the bike/running and talking with my friends. I write it on my white board, on my wall, sometimes on the fridge. Whatever works. What’s your game plan?
  • A team of qualified professionals helps you to achieve success. Ever hear of an Olympic athlete that doesn’t have a coach? Therapist? Classes to learn? Training to learn? My team consists of a nutritionist, trainer, massage therapist, great doctor that believes in a natural approach and supplements that support my eating approach. If you’re thinking that this sounds like a lot of people, remember this: Use who you need when you need it, so not everyone all the time. Plus, be the master of your body/journey. It’s yours…no one cares about it the way you do. Get educated. Treat yourself as an experiment! What works? What doesn’t? Pay Attention!

body experiment

Ok, now for the supplement part. Remember that you are your own experiment, so try things and see what works for you. Take a longer journey with them and see for yourself. Of course, always consult a medical professional. I am only sharing my experiences and, outside of nutrition and coaching, have no certification to offer. I do, however, have an over 160lb weight loss, have lived more easily through menopause, am active and healthier than I’ve ever been and am enjoying my journey.  That’s my credentials.

  • I am using a ketogenic approach to eating for so many reasons that you can read about here, so I use a ketone supplement to augment my eating – Prüvit Keto OS. keto osKetones and healthy fats cause satiety and allow me to eat less and be happy more. For more info, see here.  This has also affected my menopause symptoms like hot flashes and sleep deprivation! Your brain loves ketones and the brain/hormones tell our bodies everything. (Contact me to try a sample)
  • I use a probiotic, HMF Powder by Genestra to ensure my gut continues to flourish. This was a real key to the allergy ‘cure’ for me. Healing my gut by avoiding foods that were a problem for me and adding good probiotics has made a huge difference in less than 6 months. Leakygutcartoon2Other_03
  • I live in Calgary, Alberta where it is winter for a very long period, so I supplement with Vitamin D. I am a believer in the power of D and take between 4,000 to 8,000 IUs a day. Vitamin D Deficiency. Symptoms And Diseases
  • A generic magnesium/calcium supplement. With eating less, my ability to absorb/acquire these is less and your body cannot produce them.
  • Collagen either through bone broth or BioCell tablets makes a huge difference to my joints and skin.

And that’s all! I used to take everything under the sun but these are key ones for me. I will supplement sometimes with hyuralonic acid for my skin because of the damage done by steroid creams and hives. And, I am seeing a plastic surgeon (new member of my team!) to remove the reminders of fat from days gone by. Ok, now we are veering into TMI (too much information) so I’ll stop.

If you have questions or would like to talk about how I can help you in your journey, please reach out. Everything is possible….

Melanie is an Emergence Coach, certified in nutrition and experienced in life. She will help you reach your goals!


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