Musing on a Cycle

Years ago, I discovered a wonderful book, Life Launch (Hudson/McLean), or maybelifelaunch it just came to me at the right time. The cycle they describe is an intuitive one of phases, all around change management. When the cycle ends, it is only to begin a new one.  It told me that everything in my life happened on a cycle and that the cycle would continue to repeat for eternity. Well, my eternity anyway.

The beauty of that is this: It doesn’t matter if I screw it up or if I succeed…I will move into the next try/cycle anyway! So, why is it so important to me to not mess up? Why do I, perfectionist that I am (only for me, I am WAY more forgiving of others!), beat myself up when I do not get it right?  If you ask yourself these questions, you are (a) normal and (b) ready for the next step!

PlanBResizeIt is wonderfully freeing knowing that I will ALWAYS get it wrong and right. It allows me to have an ‘off’ day of eating and get right back on the cycle. It lets me make career choices that are not permanent. It allows me to try things, let them be fun, learn from them and take the lessons into the next step of the new cycle.

Beauty. Simplicity. Easy.

What are you ‘messing up’? Where are you in your cycle professionally? personally? body-wise? Learning HOW to effectively move through the cycle is the key. Imagine if you could fly through change… POWERFUL would you be then? How UNAFRAID? How READY?dont fear change

Let me help you Emerge. Learn faster through the lessons of others!




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